Welcome the the latest site for finding the newest movies and television series releases on the web.  Hard media isn’t dead yet and people are still buying Blu Ray discs and are interested on adding to their collection.  Whether you enjoy collecting movies or a series on television we have a way to get all of your media in one place.

As copywriting has gotten more and more intense, making backups of your collection has bee=come more and more difficult.  I for one have children and I know what a beating out Disney movies take on a daily basis.  From the BluRay player to the car and beyond, our movies get taken to the cleaners.

My movies have gotten so scratched up over the years and allowing my children to take movies on roads trips has damaged the original copies.  Smart people make backups of the originals and then send those out.  Doesn’t matter what happens to a 35 cent copy of the lion King but my collectors edition is precious to me.

So utilize this site for making backups of your pre owned movie collection.  You bought it.  You own it and you deserve to have a way to protect it.  We are going to show you the latest and easiest ways to make backups no matter what operating system you are using.

Check back for updates and new advances in BluRay and other media backup.