How To Rip DVD To FLV Video With A DVD – FLV Ripper


How to Rip DVD to FLV with a Suitable DVD to FLV Ripper?
If you have many wonderful DVD videos, do you want to upload them to YouTube or some other video sharing sites to share them with people? If so, you need to rip DVD to FLV. After ripping DVD to FLV, you can get the YouTube compatible video – FLV video, and then you can upload the FLV video to YouTube successfully. The below passage will show you how to rip DVD to FLV with a suitable DVD to FLV ripper step by step.

How to Choose a DVD to FLV Ripper?
To rip DVD to FLV, we need a suitable DVD to FLV ripper to help us. However, many people are confused by how to choose a DVD to FLV ripper when facing so many so-called DVD to FLV rippers. The following passage will teach you how to choose a suitable DVD to FLV ripper.
1. Test the software to see if it can import the DVD video that you want to rip to FLV or not. Most of the DVD to FLV rippers will provide users with a free trial, you should take this opportunity to test them to see whether they can import the DVD videos that you have or not.
2. Whether the software has fast ripping speed or not. If you do not want to waste your time waiting for the endless ripping process, you should avoid using some slow DVD to FLV rippers.
3. The output quality issue. If you want to rip DVD to FLV without quality loss, a really professional DVD to FLV rippers is needed.
4. Whether it is safe or not. You should avoid using some related software with virus, adware or spyware.
5. The editing functions. It would be better if the DVD to FLV rippers can provide you with rich editing functions, with these features, you can make your ripped videos more personality.
6. Advanced setting. Some DVD to FLV rippers allow users set the video and audio parameters manually, like the video bitrate, resolution, frame rate, encoder and so on.
These are the main tips for you when choosing a DVD to FLV rippers. For me, the importing issue, ripping speed, security issue and output quality are more important than others. If the DVD ripper you choose can meet the standards mentioned above, you can use it without any anxiety.

Recommended DVD to FLV Ripper
According to the standards mentioned above, you can use DVD Ripper Standard to help you rip DVD to FLV. DVD Ripper Standard is a professional DVD ripper software which can rip DVD to FLV smoothly. Firstly, DVD Ripper Standard can rip any DVDs regardless of DVD copy protection technologies and region locks. So you do not have to worry about whether it can import your DVDs or not. Secondly, it can rip DVD to FLV 5X faster by taking full advantage of your multi-core processor and the Intel Core, Nvidia Cuda, AMD technologies, while preserving the optimum video quality. Furthermore, it is 100% clean without any virus, spyware or adware.

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