Blu-Ray Copy Review


Blu-ray Copy is a professional and easy-to-use tool for copying or cloning hard drives of either DVD or Blu-ray. This program provides the best output Blu-ray video quality since the interface of this software makes copying easier and faster. However, a disc can be misplaced or even gets scratched which is hectic, but with Blue-ray copy, you can back up your movie.

Blu-ray Copy will give you rights to enjoy movies on your DVD player even though it’s of the same quality as that of Blue-ray. It has a Smart Burn engine and a built-in smart Express HD video codec which ensures fast and efficient burn. With this feature, you can easily copy or convert your Blu-ray movie to digital versatile disc DVD or Advanced Video Codec High Definition AVCHD with only one click. After that, you’re supposed to encrypt your Blu-ray movie with the help of Blue-ray Copy.


This software is much powerful to decrypt Blue-ray with BD+ and to copy DVD-9 to DVD-5 or even BD50 to BD25 lossless. It can also decrypt DVD with CSS protection which is a digital management scheme. Content Scramble System CSS is mostly applicable to commercial DVDs since they are always protected against duplication. The producer of the DVD use these CSS keys to set for protection against theft or any person who is not authorized. The authorization key enhances protection from the player keys that include the title, second disc key set and the drive key to encrypted key. This feature prevents your disc drive from being duplicated.

Besides, the software comes with a unique feature of copy modes and multiple settings; custom mode, primary mode, and full mode. Also, as a user, you’re free to personalize and customize to your specific needs on the Blue-ray movie titles. On a support of 3D format, you can compress a BD 50 to half and convert a 3D to 2D original. The converted audio, images, and videos are of high quality same as to its original. This software supports Lightning-Recoding, NVIDIA CUDA machinery and multi-core CPUs hence recording speed is much faster same to conversion.

To conclude, Blue-ray copy has many settings mode for user convenience such in-built preview window mode, multi-language support and many others. Also, the user can create a privacy to Blue-ray software; this will prevent your family or colleague from speculating on what you’re doing on the software. It’s user-friendly and with an intuitive you can operate even for a new user since it has a step-by-step process layout. But for those who are more experienced, you can customize to your level.

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