Cloud Storage for Digital Media


The age of hard media may soon be coming to an all out close. With the subscription based services like Netflix, Hulu, Acorn TV, Amazon Prime, Rabbit TV, and AppleTV hard digital hold-able media will soon enough become a thing of the past.

This new age of watching and storing media isn’t without its faults and I predict that even though more and more services will continue to add these features, they aren’t without their problems. Therefore, I still recommend buying and storing your own hard copy DVDs and Blue Ray discs for your own collection.

For starters, there’s something nostalgic about buying a new disc. Being able to go to the store, browse through the titles and ick something of your liking and buying it. Walking up through the store with a big grin on your face as you hold that precious piece of media between your palms.

Much like buying an old record or album from the local record shop is something that still has its place and niche in society. Although the mass consumption and availability is definitely declining, I believe there will always be a market and a demand for these types of items.

Hard media will not die until the Internet and wireless connections are perfected. Which could be quite some time before this comes to fruition. Have you ever tried streaming a movie from Netflix? Is it always without a glitch? How annoying is it when your connection just isn’t fast enough to support the download at all and you continue getting buffering notices?

Until the day comes when these types of issues are no longer a problem then I believe hard media will die. No one wants to upload their CDs, DVDs, Blue Ray and other media to a cloud based service in which they can’t have complete access to at all times.

For instance, I have subscribed to the popular Apple Music feature. This allows my own library to be stored on Apple’s cloud. I can then keep my iPhone’s storage space clear for other things like photos and videos.

What ends up happening to me is that lots of times MY OWN MUSIC is unavailable for whatever reason. Slow connection. Maybe I’m on an airplane. Maybe I’m in a plce with slow or poor connectivity to the servers or cellular service. This is when this type of service is really annoying. That’s why I always buy the phone with the most storage space so that I can have the most music, photos and videos stored on my device for access to any of my files in any place.

The Internet has seen drastic improvements over the years. Both in speed and accessibility but it is far from perfect. In fact, it’s not even close to being free of flaws.

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