DVD Ripping for Mac


Handbrake (no not that kind of HandBrake) software has been around for a long time and for good reason. It has worked for many Mac users over the years that want to take their DVDs and rip them into a format that can be viewed on a different device. If you have a DVD that you’d like to be able to watch on your iPad, iPod, AppleTV or other handheld device then Handbrake software is for you.

There are some limitations to using the Handbrake software and many times I’ve run into issues in properly ripping the DVD content into another format. What happens sometimes based on the original format of the movie, Handbrake isn’t able to completely rip it without using some sort of other software first to remove those restrictions.

We will address issues within Handbrake in another related post. For now let’s just go over the steps to use Handbrake for ripping your DVDs

The first thing you’ll need to do is get over the official handbrake website and download the software. Unpack it to your hard rive and launch it.

You’ll need to install libdvdcss files on your computer in order to be able to circumnavigate the protection enabled on most DVDs. there are different processes for different operating systems. You’ll need to find the process that is compatible with the system that you’re running.

First thing you’ll want to do is insert the DVD that you want to copy. Next you need to open the Handbrake software.

Here you’ll need to select the “source” which should be the disk that’s located in your computer’s DVD drive. Select it and HandBrake will begin a scan. This could take a few minutes based on the length and the copy protection o the DVD.

Then go to the “title” part of the window where you can select which portions of the movie or video that you’d like to copy. Normally you’d pick the longest title here if it’s a movie that you’re using.

Next you’ll have to set the presets in the emu to the side. This is where you pick the type of device that you want to use it on. I normally pick the AppleTV3 configuration because it seems to be the most compatible across the most devices.

Once you have all your presets configured you simply hit the start button. HandBrake takes a while to get everything ripped and converted over to a useable format. This can take upwards of two hours to complete. I just let it run own the background as i am working on other tasks.

When it’s done handBrake will tell you to put down that cocktail. Your movie is ready. Now you can simply click on it to watch on your computer or you can drag and drop it onto your iPad or iPod via the iTunes software.

Have fun with this. HandBrake is a great way to backup all of your movies and an easy way once you get it set up properly on your computer to get a digital backup of all your DVDs. A great way to ensure you always have a way to watch. Even after the kids have destroyed the hard copy in the back of the minivan.

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