Let’s Start With 8 Tracks


Back in the day when I had to hitch a ride to elementary school with my sister in her 1979 Dodge we used to listen to 8-Tracks on the way to school.  8-tracks?  What the hell is an 8-Track.. Most of you barely know what a CD is much less a cassette tape.  But an 8 Track?  Puhlleeaze!


An 8-Track was a pretty good sized tape that wasn’t much smaller than a VCR tape cassette.  On an 8-Track you could hear about 4 songs of favorite 1970’s hair band’s marquee songs.  Fought, Journey, Foreigner and the like are some classic 8-track mullet rock tapes you might have found in my sister’s car.

Theses types of tapes sounded like pure crap but back then no one knew any better.  We thought they’re the swillest thing since CoolWater cologne.  I’m not sure that cologne even existed back then but you smell what I’m stepping in.


When the 8-track went out with the invention of the smaller, higher capacity cassette tapes, people looked down on the old nostalgic items.  If you still had 8-tracks you categorized as a prehistoric dinosaur and laughed right out of the disco ball.  Not until the compact disc was invented did the old 8 track get popular again.  People began grabbing them up in hopes that they would somehow be worth money someday.


The 8-track’s nostalgia never really took off.  In fact, the old vinyl records that were the original music media hard copies and those are the ones that people still flock to stores to find.


I’m not sure what it is about the albums that makes people want them so much.  Maybe it’s the large inserts inside of the album or the giant presentation of holdable feelable music that makes them so special.


The resurgence of mixing music and the turntable and DJ fantasy is what makes modern day people really be attracted to owning albums.  Something is fun about going to the record to look for records.  The smell and the crowd you encounter in a retail environment searching out records in a record store is something unique.  You’ll find all kinds looking for their old or even new favorite.  From the mullet headed Foghat fan to the guy spinning records at the local dance club, the record store has something for everyone.




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