How To Rip DVD To FLV Video With A DVD – FLV Ripper


How to Rip DVD to FLV with a Suitable DVD to FLV Ripper?
If you have many wonderful DVD videos, do you want to upload them to YouTube or some other video sharing sites to share them with people? If so, you need to rip DVD to FLV. After ripping DVD to FLV, you can get the YouTube compatible video – FLV video, and then you can upload the FLV video to YouTube successfully. The below passage will show you how to rip DVD to FLV with a suitable DVD to FLV ripper step by step.

How to Choose a DVD to FLV Ripper?
To rip DVD to FLV, we need a suitable DVD to FLV ripper to help us. However, many people are confused by how to choose a DVD to FLV ripper when facing so many so-called DVD to FLV rippers. The following passage will teach you how to choose a suitable DVD to FLV ripper.
1. Test the software to see if it can import the DVD video that you want to rip to FLV or not. Most of the DVD to FLV rippers will provide users with a free trial, you should take this opportunity to test them to see whether they can import the DVD videos that you have or not.
2. Whether the software has fast ripping speed or not. If you do not want to waste your time waiting for the endless ripping process, you should avoid using some slow DVD to FLV rippers.
3. The output quality issue. If you want to rip DVD to FLV without quality loss, a really professional DVD to FLV rippers is needed.
4. Whether it is safe or not. You should avoid using some related software with virus, adware or spyware.
5. The editing functions. It would be better if the DVD to FLV rippers can provide you with rich editing functions, with these features, you can make your ripped videos more personality.
6. Advanced setting. Some DVD to FLV rippers allow users set the video and audio parameters manually, like the video bitrate, resolution, frame rate, encoder and so on.
These are the main tips for you when choosing a DVD to FLV rippers. For me, the importing issue, ripping speed, security issue and output quality are more important than others. If the DVD ripper you choose can meet the standards mentioned above, you can use it without any anxiety.

Recommended DVD to FLV Ripper
According to the standards mentioned above, you can use DVD Ripper Standard to help you rip DVD to FLV. DVD Ripper Standard is a professional DVD ripper software which can rip DVD to FLV smoothly. Firstly, DVD Ripper Standard can rip any DVDs regardless of DVD copy protection technologies and region locks. So you do not have to worry about whether it can import your DVDs or not. Secondly, it can rip DVD to FLV 5X faster by taking full advantage of your multi-core processor and the Intel Core, Nvidia Cuda, AMD technologies, while preserving the optimum video quality. Furthermore, it is 100% clean without any virus, spyware or adware.


Blu-Ray Copy Review


Blu-ray Copy is a professional and easy-to-use tool for copying or cloning hard drives of either DVD or Blu-ray. This program provides the best output Blu-ray video quality since the interface of this software makes copying easier and faster. However, a disc can be misplaced or even gets scratched which is hectic, but with Blue-ray copy, you can back up your movie.

Blu-ray Copy will give you rights to enjoy movies on your DVD player even though it’s of the same quality as that of Blue-ray. It has a Smart Burn engine and a built-in smart Express HD video codec which ensures fast and efficient burn. With this feature, you can easily copy or convert your Blu-ray movie to digital versatile disc DVD or Advanced Video Codec High Definition AVCHD with only one click. After that, you’re supposed to encrypt your Blu-ray movie with the help of Blue-ray Copy.

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How DVD Media Has Altered the Media Technology


DVDs can still cause some confusion for the average consumer of home electronics, even though the format has been around for nearly two decades now. Indeed, at its very introduction there was even some disagreement over the name, as some claimed that the acronym stood for Digital Versatile Disc, due to the fact that any kind of information can be encoded on it, while others believed that Digital Video Disc was meant, because the only real application they were put to was as a video format. Even today there can be some confusion, given the proposal of successor formats such as Blue-Ray DVD and HD-DVD. The second in a series that will survey many aspects of the DVD, this article will review one of the earliest of DVD confusions.

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Blu Ray Player Universal – A Perfect Blend of Quality Picture and Sound


When it comes to perfect picture quality, Blu Ray deserves a special mention. High quality picture that is available through the Blu Ray technology has enhanced the film watching experience in the last few years. However, it is also important to have a good quality sound that would aptly complement high quality picture. This is where the Blu Ray Player Universal gains importance more than anything else. This player is undoubtedly the most favorite choice of those who think having top quality sound is as important as viewing high quality picture. Blu ray sound systems are generally available in different configurations, which mean users can easily make a choice from the various options.

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Cloud Storage for Digital Media


The age of hard media may soon be coming to an all out close. With the subscription based services like Netflix, Hulu, Acorn TV, Amazon Prime, Rabbit TV, and AppleTV hard digital hold-able media will soon enough become a thing of the past.

This new age of watching and storing media isn’t without its faults and I predict that even though more and more services will continue to add these features, they aren’t without their problems. Therefore, I still recommend buying and storing your own hard copy DVDs and Blue Ray discs for your own collection.

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Where is media headed now?


Back in the day when media and music was first being broadcasted, we were trying to figure out ways to capture those moments. From the news media to music and presidential talks, we knew we wanted to be able to record the voices and tones but it seemed so unlikely.

Then the “record” was discovered and the capturing of sound never looked back. The onset of 33’s and 45’s would soon take the nation by storm and so began the record industry as a whole. It’s truly amazing if you stop to think about all the billions of dollars this simple invention is responsible for.

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DVD Ripping for Mac


Handbrake (no not that kind of HandBrake) software has been around for a long time and for good reason. It has worked for many Mac users over the years that want to take their DVDs and rip them into a format that can be viewed on a different device. If you have a DVD that you’d like to be able to watch on your iPad, iPod, AppleTV or other handheld device then Handbrake software is for you.

There are some limitations to using the Handbrake software and many times I’ve run into issues in properly ripping the DVD content into another format. What happens sometimes based on the original format of the movie, Handbrake isn’t able to completely rip it without using some sort of other software first to remove those restrictions.

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Total Media

Apple Computers BluRay Ripper


Leawo Total Media Converter for Mac is that the powerful tool for changing Blu-ray to varied video/audio formats for playback on your Apple TV, Xbox, or alternative players and your laptop. This Blu-ray liquidator for macintosh converts Blu-ray videos to High-Definition or as Standard-Definition video files.

The Leawo Total Media Converter for Mac
will rip Blu-ray to, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, iPod, HTC Evo 4G, Nokia N8, Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy S, Nokia E7, Droid X,  PS3, UHD TV playback, therefore it will allow you to play your Blu-ray movies anyplace and anytime.

Leawo Total Media Converter for Mac
is additionally able to facilitate users duplicate Blu-ray and optical disc movies to macintosh and to writable discs for your own personal storage and safe keeping.

Leawo Total Media Converter for Mac
will rip/convert Blu-ray movies to MKV, H.264, MOV, VOB, TS, MP4, M4V, MPEG, and a lot of alternative file varieties that are consistent with whatever platform you want to use it on.


Some great things about the Leawo Total Media Converter for Mac

  • Offer presets for nearly all customary mobile devices and comes with a nice piece of writing computer code packaged software.
  • Convert Blu-ray disc and general optical disc to Apple devices like Apple TV, iPad, iPhone 4, iPod 4, and various transmission devices like GPhone, XBox 360, PSP\PS3, Seagate Free Agent Theatre, Western Digital TV HD media player, Motorola Droid X, HTC Magic, HTC Evo 4G, HTC Hero,  HTC inconceivable, Samsung Fascinate, Samsung Galaxy S spirited, Nexus One,  Blackberry Torch, Blackberry daring, etc. and video piece of writing software: iMovie, Adobe Premiere skilled,  FCP, FCE, Avid etc.
  • Convert blu-ray film to 1080p, 720p, 480p videos
  • The mackintosh Blu-ray Ripper users to control the final word output image size. you will be able to set the size at 480*320, 320*240, 1280*720, 720*480/576, 1920*1080, 854*450, 640*480,  etc. for varied devices and uses.
  • Super high ripping speed
  • Blu-ray Ripper for Macintosh adopts advanced cryptography technology to hurry up the conversion speed. With Blu-ray Ripper for Macintosh, you will be able to convert optical disc and Blu-Ray film one or two times faster than various similar tools.
  • Audio tracks and subtitles of assorted languages are on the menu and available to place into the titles.
  • The Blu-ray Ripper for Macintosh permits users to select desired languange as output audio track and sub menus from the Blu-ray disc/DVD
  • Edit optical disc and Blu-Ray film clips
  • The Blu-ray Ripper for Macintosh offers powerful piece of writing functions, like trimming and cropping video editing capabilities, adding watermarks, adjusting impact, replacement audio, deinterlacing, etc.

A preview window is generated for you to preview the rendered files as well as take snapshots before you actually process the conversion.

Ripping by titles and chapters
The Leawo Total Media Converter for Mac
permits users to select their needed titles and chapters throughout a BD/DVD film to convert at will.


These features make this BluRay Ripper for Mac the best option available for restoring, copying and backing up your BluRay library.


Review of Varying BluRay Ripper Software Packages


There are lots of Blu-ray Rippers on the market nowadays. Once you search “Blu-ray Ripper” in Google or any search tools online, thousands or related results will be displayed in front of you. In order to get the most cost-effective Blu-ray ripping software, you ought to consider the overall quality of the product before choosing a proper Blu-ray Ripper to rip Blu-ray disc. Our Blu-ray Ripper Review experts have tested many similar products and narrow them down to the top six products for you to rip, copy or burn Blu-ray.

We just show you the comparisons of these top six programs from all-around in the chart below. After going through the chart you may decide which Blu-ray Ripper is the best to meet your needs. After side-by-side comparisons of the product, we give you this unbiased Blu-ray Ripper review as below! We are in the process of testing additional software, and we will add new product reviews as we complete these tests. Now just go ahead to check the reviews and pick the best Blu-ray Ripper according to your actual requirements!

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Let’s Start With 8 Tracks


Back in the day when I had to hitch a ride to elementary school with my sister in her 1979 Dodge we used to listen to 8-Tracks on the way to school.  8-tracks?  What the hell is an 8-Track.. Most of you barely know what a CD is much less a cassette tape.  But an 8 Track?  Puhlleeaze!


An 8-Track was a pretty good sized tape that wasn’t much smaller than a VCR tape cassette.  On an 8-Track you could hear about 4 songs of favorite 1970’s hair band’s marquee songs.  Fought, Journey, Foreigner and the like are some classic 8-track mullet rock tapes you might have found in my sister’s car.

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